Cigar Haven

Midwest’s Destination for Cigars

Whether you are a veteran or know nothing at all about cigars, Cigar Haven is your destination for all things cigars.

We offer classic brands, boutique brands, and difficult to find cigars. We roll ‘em and smoke ‘em here at the Haven, so you can stroll around and peruse our selection, talk cigars with our knowledgeable staff, chat with cigar enthusiasts, or relax and smoke in The Haven, our public cigar lounge.

We love our cigars and would be happy to answer your cigar questions: what to smoke, how to prepare your cigars, how to keep your cigars—if you have questions, we have all the answers, and toys, connected to cigars.

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Cigar Haven is THE premier cigar shop in the Midwest.

We are a must for any and all who enjoy cigars or want to learn more.

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